BlogJet Support


BlogJet has it’s own way to tag your posts; it is independent of blogging server impementation. However, it also supports posting tags via API as described in Movable Type API 3.3 docs (native tags).

BlogJet Tags

Tags added to the end of your posts as links. By default they link to the Technorati page for the tag, however you can change this in Tools > Preferences > Links - Tag Link.

Tags are wrapped by <div> element: <div class="bjtags">. This gives you a way to modify the way tags are displayed on your blog. You can even hide them.

Hiding Tags

To prevent tags from being displaying on your blog pages, add the following code to your CSS template:

.bjtags {
  display: none;

Native Tags

Native tags are completely managed by blogging servers. At this time the only platform to support native tags is Movable Type 3.3 or later.

To turn on native tags, click Tools > Preferences > Links and select Use native tags where supported.