BlogJet Support

Music detection

Music Detection feature detects the song you’re listening to and inserts its title and artist name in the text.

BlogJet supports music detection from the following major players:

Note: Windows Media Player 9 requires Blogging plugin for music detection. You can download it for free from Microsoft’s website: Download Blogging Plugin for WMP9 (1.19 MB)

To detect current music, select Tools > Detect Music or press Ctrl+D.


You can configure music detection to automatically detect and insert song title for new posts or before posting:

  • Click Tools > Preferences…
  • Click Music Detection.
  • Select Autodetect music.
  • Select for new posts or before posting.

To change template for Now Playing link:

  • Click Tools > Preferences…
  • Click Music detection.
  • Edit template.

The default template is:

Now playing: {Artist} - {Title}

Use {Artist}, {Title} and {Album} variables to make a link, e.g.:

<a href="{Artist}">{Artist}</a></code>

(Remember to turn off Link to iTunes Music Store in this case).

Note: {Album} detection is not supported in Winamp.