BlogJet Support

Managing posts

Creating new post

To create a new post, select ”’Blog > New Post”’, or click on ”New Post” button.

Editing posts

To get recent post (for viewing or editing purposes), select ”’Blog > Recent Posts” or click on “Recent Posts” button.

If you load posts for the first time, BlogJet will receive them from your blog service. Then it will cache your posts locally to be able to load them later from the local database in a blink of an eye instead of connecting with the blog server.

Saving posts as drafts

You don’t have to finish your post all at once, you can save it as a ”BlogJet Draft File (.bjd)”. This is different than posting as a draft, which posts the article to your blog server in draft mode.

To save your post: ”’File > Save”’ or ”’Save as…”’. (”’Ctrl-S”’ is the keyboard shortcut for saving.)