BlogJet Support

Keyboard shortcuts


Action Shortcut
Create new post Ctrl+N
Manage posts Ctrl+H
Open post from file Ctrl+O
Save post as draft or export to file Ctrl+S
Print current post Ctrl+P
View blog page F3
Change/manage accounts F5
Check spelling F7
Post & Publish Ctrl+Enter


Action Shortcut
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Undo Ctrl+Z
Cut selection to clipboard Ctrl+X
Copy selection to clipboard Ctrl+C
Paste from clipboard Ctrl+V
Delete selection Delete
Select all Ctrl+A
Find text Ctrl+F
Numbering Shift+Ctrl+N
Bullet style Shift+Ctrl+L
Indent (Blockquote) Ctrl+M / Tab
Outdent Ctrl+Alt+M
Align left Ctrl+L
Center Ctrl+E
Align right Ctrl+R
Extended entry Shift+Ctrl+E


Action Shortcut
Insert image Shift+Ctrl+I
Insert hyperlink Ctrl+K
Now playing Ctrl+D
Attach voice Ctrl+Shift+V