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BlogJet 3.0 beta released

We are happy to announce that BlogJet 3.0 is ready for beta testing!

What's New

  • New Ribbon style interface with 40 skins.
  • Tab-based editor.
  • Widescreen view mode.
  • Save drafts in local storage database, not external file.
  • Manage and restore draft from drafts database.

Currently Missing in Beta Version

Some of these features will be implemented later, some will be dropped.

  • Import/export BlogJet 2 draft files.
  • Live spell checking (sometimes it make editor too slow, turned off now).
  • Live preview in editing.
  • Voice recording, YouTube links, Statistics.
  • Work offline.
  • Smileys.

When you install BlogJet 3, it reads existing BlogJet 2 blog accounts, options, and database. For safety, the new installation won't overwrite BlogJet.exe, the new version will be installed as BlogJet3.exe.

Surely you want more features, new blog engine support (e.g. Tumblr), new APIs. Some bugs still remain, etc. but note that this is just an initial beta release of the new major update. I won't promise I will support all those ones but definitely there are more with this base. Please give us feedback: [email protected].

BlogJet 3 will be a paid upgrade. However, if you buy BlogJet 2 since this announcement, you'll get it for free, so if you planned to buy BlogJet 2, don't wait until the next version is released.