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BlogJet 2.0 released!

We are happy to announce the availability of the all-new BlogJet 2.0,
the best blog client for Windows!

BlogJet 2.0 is a giant leap forward in the process of developing the ideal platform for bloggers. It is a major release, and we believe it's a big event for the whole blogging community.

Top 5 new features include:

  • New user interface. It is easier, more complete, and has themes (looks native on Vista).
  • Post management with local cache. Your posts are stored in local cache, so you don’t need Internet connection to access them anymore.
  • Instant search. Finding posts is easier because of the instant search, which shows results as you type.
  • Tags. Finally, you can tag your posts easily. No more plugins, no more hacks. And if your blog platform supports tags natively (currently only Movable Type 3.3 or later), BlogJet can use them.
  • Blog autodiscovery. No more troubles with finding the right API settings — just enter your blog’s address, and BlogJet will configure itself.
  • …and many more.

BlogJet is now more stable and launches faster. All known bugs have been fixed. It now works with new Blogger and we fixed the issue with Live Spaces.

Get it at!

If you purchased previous versions of BlogJet, we have special upgrade prices (valid until August 2007, so get it now).

Update: As promised, those who purchased BlogJet after October 30, will receive their new license for free soon.


Coding Robots
We are also proud to announce that BlogJet is now a product of a new company — Coding Robots. Dmitry, BlogJet's author, is Chief Executive Robot there. You can find out more about us at