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Anatomy of BlogJet Post Status

Hi, my name is Kim Young Hoo and as you may know, I work with Dmitry at Coding Robots, mostly on BlogJet and iOS applications.

We've just released a new small update for BlogJet, version 2.5.3. It includes a fix for a fundamental problem with post status. Let me explain what the problems was and what the fix does.

BlogJet have three statuses for posts. In older versions, you could see it at the right-hand part of the status bar. In the new version it has been moved to the properties pane under the "Status" label.


  • New Post. As you can guess, it means a new post. When you click "Publish" if post status was 'New Post', BlogJet makes a request request to your blog service to create a new post. Easy.

  • Editing. Editing means that the post has been already published (as a draft or not) to blog. So BlogJet request to update existing content with "Editing" status.

  • Draft. When you save your post to a draft file or open the existing draft file, the post status is "Draft". For such posts, does BlogJet makes a request to create new post or update existing post? Try it. Make a sample post. Publish it. Save it as draft file. Exit BlogJet. Launch BlogJet and open a saved draft file (now "Draft" mode). Publish it. Update or new?

The answer is, new post. Because BlogJet doesn't save published status in the draft file, it's always recognized as a new post. Draft file feature exists to save drafts when writing (before publishing) or for content backup, so it isn't right to manage local copies of published posts.

I'm sure there are some people who don't like this "always new post" thing for draft. But soon BlogJet will have "save draft" or "auto save" to local database feature, so I don't want to fight with the above problem for now.

There is another status: for WordPress blogs we have "Page" or "Post". It coexists with above three statuses. New Post or Page, Editing Post or Page, so on.

Nothing special. Simple. New Post, Editing, and Draft. For WordPress, page or post. Simple.

The problem appears after you publish a post to a certain blog (let's call it "A blog"). If you switch the blog to "blog B", what the status of this post will be?

In older version, BlogJet didn't do anything for this "change blog after publishing" action. So the post still had "Editing" status. So when you clicked "Publish", it would try to update the non-existing post (a post published to "A blog"). The result depends on your blog server. You might get an error, or nothing happens, or somehow a new post is created.

In 2.5.3, this problem is fixed. Status will be changed to "New Post" when you change a blog to B and back to "Editing" when you change it to A. Even with selected categories. So BlogJet now manages published states properly.

I know this is a small fix but hope it will reduce confusion.