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New beta version of BlogJet 2.5

The development of BlogJet 2.5 is progressing nicely, and we're happy to announce a new beta version.


What's new

  • Live Spelling, and a lot of spelling options (including auto correction)

  • Fixed not remembering window position and size.

  • Fixed overwriting custom HTML/JavaScript settings for BlogJetThis! when installing.

  • Fixed treating punctuation as spelling errors.

Special thanks to Jack Vinson and other testers for reporting many of these bugs.

Known Issues

We'll address the following issues in one of the next beta versions:

  • Embedded Flash video clips (including YouTube) appear as black boxes (affects only appearance in editor, posting works well).

  • Windows Vista/7 only: you need to launch BlogJet as administrator from Windows Explorer to add words to dictionary.

Download BlogJet Beta (4.3 MB)

Please report any bugs you encounter in our beta forum.