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BlogJet 2.5 Public Beta

We're happy to announce a holiday present for you — a public beta of BlogJet 2.5!

What's New

  • Full Unicode support.
  • New spell checker (you can download dictionaries here).
  • Clean theme that looks awesome in Vista and Windows 7.

Download BlogJet 2.5 Beta (4.3 MB)

Full Unicode support is a big deal. You can write posts in any language and even mix languages:

Unicode in BlogJet

Development and Next Releases

Now that we released 2.5 beta, the transition to a new code base (with most core parts completely rewritten) and a new development environment is done, so we're ready to continuously improve BlogJet and release new versions faster.

BlogJet Beta Forum

We're starting to be more open about BlogJet development, and replacing the closed beta forum with an open one. Please join us in BlogJet Beta Forum. You can report bugs in beta versions there.

Happy New Year! Enjoy the new BlogJet!