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BlogJet released: killed bugs, plus an AMAZING new feature!

Blogjet256x256New feature!

Look: BlogJet is the 1st blog client to include this super important feature. See? No?

Look here, again: 1st.

Yeah, really — 1st! Not 2nd, 3rd or 5673856th. See? Bingo!

(Works automatically when “Use typographic characters” turned on.) Amazing, huh? We love typography!

OK, no more features for you. After all, it’s a bug-fix release.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed not showing categories for TypePad and Movable Type blogs in Recent Posts window.
  • Fixed errors with autodetection of dasBlog blogs.
  • Fixed error when viewing statistics with no received posts.
  • Fixed various Access Violations when getting posts from Blogger (recreate your account in BlogJet!)
  • Fixed "TStruct.GetString(category Id)" error when getting posts from WordPress 2.1.
  • Fixed error "Could not convert variant of type (OleStr)..." error when creating account for Community Server.
  • Workaround for Community Server not returning full URLs of posts.
  • Fixed not saving password after changing it.
  • Fixed repeating punctuation marks (!, ?, etc.) after autoreplaced words.
  • b2evolution API changed to Movable Type API (with file upload support). (Not complete, bugs submitted to b2evolution developers.)
  • A few other small bug fixes…

We’re bug killers! Want us to kill your favorite bug? Let us know about it!

Download BlogJet here.

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