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A few things related to BlogJet 2.0

  • We quickly fixed a bug with new Blogger — sometimes you could get “400 Bad Request” error when publishing post. If this happens, please, download the updated version from ( (We know — too early for a new release, but this is a major bug, so we decided to update it). It also fixes a few things with Community Server (now you can upload files without FTP) and Subtext.
  • Blogger users will have to create new accounts in BlogJet to make it work with blogs migrated from the old Blogger.
  • You can get rid of the feature that turns every “BlogJet” into link by deleting the rule in Tools > Auto Replace. (Actually, this supposed to serve as a demo of this feature.)
  • A long requested feature to sort categories is actually available. Just click Refresh and — boom! — they are sorted.
  • BlogJet 2.0 doesn’t start a new post after publishing (now publishing works like printing of documents in word processors.) We think it is a much better way, since you can immediately edit your post. However, if you still prefer the old behavior, click Tools > Preferences and select Start a new post after publishing.
  • You can change the appearance of tags in your posts or hide them completely, since they are surrounded by DIVs with class .bjtags. More on this later.
  • Those who received our newsletter has been prompted to reconfirm their subscription, since we moved the newsletter to a new platform. Only a small fraction of subscribers did this, so I guess a lot of you didn’t read the message down to the end . You can subscribe here: . And of course, we have an RSS feed.
  • As promised, those who purchased BlogJet after October 30, received a free update. If you didn’t receve your key, please, let us know.
  • About licenses:

    1) Single license allows you to use BlogJet on as many computers as you like provided that you are the only user. (For example, it's OK to use it at home, at work, and on a laptop).

    2) Family pack license covers up to five members of your family.
  • Thanks everyone for posting announcements on their blogs! (If you didn’t, what are you waiting for??? )