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Office/Vista GUI Game

Let's play the game called "How many toolbar button types and sizes are in 2007 Office?" See screenshots.

Since there are many third-party programs that copy Office's look & feel, I wonder, how many different GUI styles we'll have for different programs when Windows Vista arrives? Let's count:

  1. Old-style Win95-like GUIs
  2. Win95-like WinXP-themed GUIs (e.g. WordPad)
  3. WinXP Internet Explorer-like GUIs (e.g. BlogJet 1.x)
  4. Office 97-XP-like flat-toolbar GUIs
  5. Office 2003-like GUIs
  6. Totally skinned GUIs (e.g. Winamp) ... n-1. 2007 Office-like GUIs
  7. Vista-like GUIs (is it consistent, after all? Will WordPad have the same toolbar as Windows Explorer?)

What do you think?