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BlogJet 1.6.1 Released!

Wow! I’m happy to announce a very minor update with a major service support – BlogJet 1.6.1 (still Lime, remember? )

I think I’m the first one (two hours after the public announcement)… to release blog client with the native support for MSN Spaces.


  • Support for MSN Spaces.
  • Saving Flickr login independent of “Save as default” option state.


  • Fixed duplicating link text when using Insert Link in Code editor.
  • Fixed: not deleting draft file after posting (with this option turned on).

Enjoy, Spaces lovers!

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Update: make sure you downloaded BlogJet 1.6.1 build 55, since previous versions didn’t work with categories in MSN Spaces. You can click Help > Check for New Version to check this.