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BlogJet 1.6 Released!

I’m excited to announce the new release – BlogJet 1.6 “Lime”!
(Lime is a codename ).



  • Work-around for WordPress and TypePad date/time issue.
  • Now BlogJet can work via proxy with authentication.
  • Fixed issue with FTP proxy.
  • Fixed double trackbacks in TypePad and Movable Type
  • FTP password encryption.
  • Fixed: Insert Link window didn’t remove automatically http:// when inserting https:// of ftp:// links.
  • Fixed “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window”.
  • Fixed: error message when posting with image selected.
  • New connection core.
  • Lots of other bug fixes… (sorry, I left the history of bug fixes on my old notebook ).

This update is free for customers who bought BlogJet. Also, for those of you who tried previous versions (excluding 1.6 beta), but had problems, please try downloading this version, since it will clean your trial period and you can start your free 30 days of trial all over again.

By the way, if you own a copy and want to upgrade to Family pack, use this coupon code: PGBJ30 to get 45% discount.

Download here:
Buy here:

If you don’t know what is BlogJet, read our home page .

Thanks everyone who helped with this release! Now, could you blog about the new version, please?

There’s an update: