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17 Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Blog marketing is all about word of mouth. You should make your blog worth talking about, and get your posts quoted on other blogs and web sites. You main asset is content, that is – your posts. All you need to do is to learn how to use word of mouth.

1. Choose your topic. Blog about everything or about various stuff won't interest readers. Narrow your topic. By trying to interest everybody you'll interest nobody.

2. Write simple and add some personality to your posts. Awake your readers' interest in you and earn credibility – the blog is yours after all!

3. Post regularly. Well, everybody knows it but not everybody actually writes regularly. There's more here: if it's pain for you to write, by writing regularly, you'll improve your skills and it will become easier and easier to write.

4. "Tell a friend". Add to your blog tell-a-friend feature to let readers send your posts by email. This feature won't drive a lot of traffic, but imagine what happens when one reader tells about your blog ten people...

5. Put your blog's address everywhere: in your email signature, on discussion boards, on your other web sites, on your business card.

6. Comment posts on other blogs. And don't forget to put a link to yours. But, of course, don't spam, and remember that if you have nothing to say, say nothing.

7. Quote other bloggers and ping their posts. It's easy to do with BlogJet: grab the trackback link from blog, click "Properties" tab and paste it to "Pings".

8. Link to other blogs. But don't ask for a link back – most bloggers don't like it. But because bloggers check their hit stats, they can find out about your blog by looking into referrers. Like every curious person, they want to know what's your blog about and what it have to do with them.

9. Write articles for other web sites. And put a link to your blog.

10. Submit your blog to directories and blog search engines.

11. Use pay-per-click advertisement. If you have spare money, of course. I've tried Google AdWords and discovered that it's better (for me) to advertise single popular and interesting posts instead of my whole blog.

12. Learn what your readers want and give it to them. What are your most popular posts about? What are your most quoted posts about? Find this out and write on this more.

13. Use catchy titles for posts. Follow my favorite book authors: "All Marketers Are Liars", "Your Marketing Sucks", etc. Use "How to...", "55 Ways..." – these titles often interest readers. For example: "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living", "17 Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Blog".

14. Don't forget about search engine optimization. I don't encourage you to learn SEO and dig in search engines algorithms, but learn just a few key principles and use them.

15. Do something for other bloggers and blogosphere. Offer your help for free.

16. Actively participate in bloggers community. Join meetings, conferences, exchange emails with other bloggers. Send interesting links to them on the topic of their blogs (again, no spam,
and only if they agree).

17. Focus on the long-term outlook. Don't expect to get lots of traffic immediately. Get it gradually. Set small goals (for example, "get 500 RSS readers in three months") and achieve them.

BlogJet will keep you focused on content and make you forget the technical side of blogging.

Good luck!