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BlogJet + Flickr and other new features

There are a lot of improvements of the Insert Image window in the upcoming version of BlogJet. First of all, one of the most requested feature… ta-da-da-dam!..

BlogJet 1.6 will come with free Flickr plugin that’s integrated into Insert Image window:

BlogJet Flickr Plugin

Type in your login, click “Get Photos” and receive your four recently uploaded pictures. You can click Next or Previous buttons to get more pictures, or select a photo to insert it to your post. Layout and Picture Size options are available for Flickr photos too.

Next improvement: Save as default checkbox. If you select it, BlogJet will save your layout settings (and Flickr login), and the next time you open this window you won’t have to enter them again. Flickr plugin shares the same default settings with File/Web pictures.

Finally, see this small magnifier icon on image? Now when you create thumbnail in BlogJet, it automatically inserts this icon to distinguish thumbnails from ordinary pictures. Thanks everyone for voting for this icon (if you voted for a diffferent variant, I’ll make it downloadable so that you can customize this icon).

Thanks to everyone who suggested these cool features! BlogJet 1.6 will be available very very soon.