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Wow, nice feedback from customer

“For those of you who do blogging on this website, I foremost would like to thank you for your wonderful and inspirational writings. Many of you could have easily been writers by trade. I admire it so much.

If you do have a blog here or anywhere else really. There is a very nice blogging tool available. I have tried a few different blog software applicatiosn and though i would share my favorite one with you. It is called BlogJet.

Rather than wasting your time with images here, I will just give the link to the screenshots here.

It is a very powerful tool, and it makes blogging actually easier than writing a forum post. Excellent support for images too, and wrapping text around the images.

It is software that you must buy. However there are many places to get a key generator for it. Not that I am endorsing pirated software, but I know sometimes it simply can not be afforded and a key generator will usually buy you the extra month or so until you do have the money to buy the program. I can not honestly say that I do not use keygens, but I can honestly say that if the software is worth the money I will purchase the asking price. I have bought this, it is that good.

This software is so self contained that you can type your blog right from your desktop with no browser and publish whenever you are ready, great for those who write only a little a day, or want extra time to edit without using their browser and being connected to the internet.

I really hope you at least give it a shot, if you don't care for it, I will still be happy you tried it out. I happen to prefer this software over traditional blogging and postings and I am sure most of you will too.”

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That made my day. Thanks!