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Flock... It won't replace Firefox, FeedDemon and BlogJet

Flock is a social web browser. Among its features it has a blog client.

Flock - Blog Editor

Before they had a downloadable version, I seriously considered the competition with Flock. Now that I downloaded this app, I’m not afraid anymore. It won’t replace BlogJet.

Remember Mozilla Suite? It has a browser, a mail client, an IRC client, a web page editor, etc. – all in one. A few people used it. When Mozilla Foundation separated web browser from mail client – Firefox and Thunderbird, the user-base began to grow.

I didn’t use Mozilla Suite. Then I began using Firefox. I liked it so much that I downloaded Thunderbird to try. And I liked it too, so now I use Firefox and Thunderbird.

And while integrating social bookmarks with browser seems obvious, I don’t  know what other tools are doing there. Fashion? You know, all those cool words like social, RSS, blogs, tagging.

It may seem obvious that blog editor developer will say something like this, yeah? But, really, guys, I’m a user too, so I judge from my (user) point of view.

There’s also an argument that Flock will replace platform-specific apps. You know what? I’ve got a Mac. I use Safari, NetNewsWire, and ecto. No cross-platform apps here? That’s because I want to use only the BEST things, I want to get the most of every platform.

The bottom line: Flock have a cool browser (since it’s based on Firefox), great social bookmarking integration, crippled feed aggregator, and crippled blog editor.

I’ll stick to Firefox, FeedDemon and BlogJet.

P.S. But hey, I like Flock. Because they’ll show more people how to use blog editors. More people learn blog editors => more people want BlogJet . Thanks, guys!

P.P.S. Oh, and you can blog right from Firefox with this extension.